Sony Xperia S

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Following Sony’s split from Ericsson; the pressure was on for the Japanese giant to deliver a knockout handset to prove it could go it alone. And that’s exactly what it’s done with the Sony Xperia, a device that packs a heavyweight punch with its camera features.

Not only can it shoot stills at 12.1 megapixels, it can handle panorama and 3D pictures as well. And, video captured in Full HD 1080p looks phenomenal on its Bravia screen and even better on a full-sized HDTV. A nice touch is that if you want to quickly take a picture you can hold down the shutter button -even when the handset is locked -and the camera application will launch and take a picture in under two seconds.

Built around a glossy, piano black display, the handset has a slightly curved moulded back that sits snugly in your hand. The glass antenna near the bottom of the handset is a quirky design addition. Although it lights up to display the

Home, Back and Menu Android options, the actual buttons are located just above, marked by three small dots.

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